Specializing In Wilderness & Extreme Environment Support

Wilderness Rescue Solutions is based in Ontario and available for travel abroad if needed.


We Specialise In Wilderness & Extreme Environment Medical, Survival, Rescue & Wildlife Logistical Support Services.


We provide Wilderness medical, survival and rescue safety services for the film and Tv Production industry. We provide a one stop shop for a variety of services that are of interest to the film and TV production world.


From location pre-scouting services including risk assessments and emergency response planning to set medics and rescue professionals we have you covered.


Our team can provide you with a fully trained and equipped medical team as well as other trained professionals such as lifeguards, firefighters, Rescue Divers and Armed Wildlife Control Officers, Rescue Boat Operators as well as Wilderness Search & Rescue Professionals.


From studio medics to extreme environment Wilderness EMT's we have the ability to ensure your production is covered. We posses extensive experience working in Extreme wilderness environments including some of the the harshest regions in Canada's Arctic.


Past production support projects have included Discovery Channels Naked & Afraid, Disney's Camp Rock, etc


Please take a few moments to visit our website feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information on our services and capabilities.


Services We Offer:


  • Set Medics - Studio & On Location

  • Wilderness EMT's

  • Life Guards

  • Armed Wildlife Safety Escorts

  • Water & Ice Rescue 

  • Marine Vessel Operator - SVOP & MED A3 Qualified

  • Sporting Event medics

  • Camp Medics

  • Wilderness Guides

  • Wilderness Survival Experts

  • Fire Fighters

  • Bear Safety Escorts

  • Wilderness Expedition Medics

  • Arctic Expedition Medics

  • Rescue Divers


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